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Daniel Boynton

Daniel Boynton


Hails from: Grand Rapids, MI
Activities: My partner (Cara) and I are avid hikers which we usually do a couple times a month, along with bowling and pinball. In the summer I play club-level ultimate with a mixed team based in Seattle called Bullet Train. I’m usually pretty active, but I also enjoy just chilling with our cat “Bill Murray.”
Volunteer work: I have previously done GOTV work with Washington Bus, which works to educate and engage youth in voting and other political activities. I have also canvassed/phone banked for various candidates and initiatives. I almost always volunteer for candidates and causes with an environmental motivation.
Fun fact: I will have been living in Seattle for 3 years this September! My best game bowling is 228. May of ’18 my family and I completed the ~50mi Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim hike. This year Cara and I are meeting friends in Machu Pichu to hike the Inca trail!
Favorite nonprofit: Environment America – My first job out of college was running a canvass office for their state chapter Environment Michigan, and they’re the reason I moved to Seattle when the offered me the position to run Environment Washington’s canvass office.

Some of the great work they’ve done includes helping to create the Clean Water Act and the Clean Water Rule. They have banned plastic bags in cities all across the country. They’ve made huge strides in spreading awareness of pesticide (neonicotinoids, found in Roundup) that are killing off our pollinators at unsustainable rate (~2x reproduction rate).

I really like them because they don’t take corporate contributions, and are able to effect policy primarily based on their membership base and people power.

A&R Solar employee since 2019