dan harp

Dan Harp

Washington and Oregon

Hails from: Born in Minnesota, moved to Kent, Washington, when I was 2. Now I’m a Vancouverite. Forever a Washingtonian.
Activities: I enjoy dinner, football, baseball, church on Sunday and time with my family. I have always loved skateboarding and still follow it very closely.
Volunteer work: Last year I volunteered at Shoreline Community College to help the Clean Energy Technology students. I also worked briefly as a tutor for the clean tech students, too.
Fun facts: I used to drive a Zamboni and can still kick flip on my skateboard. My 10-year-old daughter and I love to play chess together.
Degree: I have an A.A.A.S. Degree and a Certificate in Clean Energy Technology from Shoreline Community College.
Favorite nonprofit: My favorite nonprofit is my church. They send a great deal of money, time, and resources into the local and global community.

A&R Solar employee since 2017