Research and development

Field tested, A&R approved

New products are coming on the market rapidly as solar continues to expand across the globe. But not all of these offerings are ready for prime time or are a good fit for our climate here in the Northwest. It’s tempting to grab the latest shiny gizmo, but we’ve learned the hard way that isn’t the best course of action for us or our customers.


That’s why we have our own research and development team here at A&R Solar. Collectively, the group has decades of experience in solar and technology. Members of our operations, design, sales, purchasing, service and field teams evaluate each proposed product with an eye on quality, longevity, and fit for the Northwest.

An employee from each department in our company sits on the team, which analyzes aspects of the product such as:

  • How long the company has been in business
  • The company’s support staff size and location
  • How long the product has been on the market
  • What the failure rates are
  • Length and terms of the warranty
  • How seamlessly other products integrate with it
  • That it is compliant with electrical code in Oregon and Washington
  • Cost, value, and product availability



Field Tested

In Deployment

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Solar Roof

SolarEdge Energy Hub

SolarEdge battery

SolarEdge Smart EV Chargers

LG RESU 10H batteries

LG RESU 10H Prime batteries

LG RESU 16H Prime batteries

Enphase Encharge

sonnen batteries Smart Panel

Leviton Smart Panel

Generac PWRcell Energy System

Osprey Groundmount

Generac Smart Management Module (SMM)



Iron Edison



Our Research and Development Team

Reeves Clippard
CEO, Co-Founder
In solar industry since 2005

Andy Yatteau
VP of Operations, Co-Founder
In solar industry since 2005

Dave Kozin
In solar industry since 2007

Evan Manderbach
In solar industry since 2010

T.J. Merrill
Residential Sales Manager
In solar industry since 2015

Shane Nesbitt
Commercial Sales Manager
In solar industry since 2008

Brian Gulbransen
Lead Solar Designer (Residential)
In solar industry since 2017

Jesse Anderson
Residential Operations Manager
In solar industry since 2012

Peter Meerdink
Design and Estimating Analyst
In solar industry since 2014

James Hebel
Purchasing Manager
In solar industry since 2015

Ron Hope
Monitoring and Service Technician
In solar industry since 2015


When we take interest in a product and it appears to have potential for our market, we first try to get upstream by working directly with the product manufacturers. We sit on their technical advisory boards, we lobby for product changes that suit our particular Northwest customer needs. Once the product has reached a certain point in development, we’ll request samples and get to work.

Each department must sign off on the product before we will offer it to customers. In most cases (such as with battery backup systems), we have installed the products for multiple beta testers to scrutinize how well it works after it has been operational for a period of time. The testers are often employees interested in the systems for their homes, and later, trial customers who are interested in new technology and are willing to sign disclosures. Then and only then do we move past the “trust but verify” stage and introduce products to our general customer populations.