Damien Durand

Employee Owner-Solar Homeowner

Hails from: Lyon, France
Interests: Fishing, flying (not so much anymore), swimming, and cooking
Next up: Working on becoming HESP certified (Home Energy Survey Professional), so he can conduct energy audits and help customers save even more energy
Favorite organization: Front de Libération des Nains de Jardins. “Gnomes can now freely roam the forests and find peace, at last.”
Fun fact: He met a beautiful girl on a trip to Maui 13 years ago and got stuck in the U.S.:)
Certifications: Sunpower and Sunrun accredited
Social media: Connect with Damien on Google+ or LinkedIn.

Client Praise for Damien:
A&R deserves the highest praise. Everyone I dealt with was thorough, knowledgeable and patient (special thanks to Damien!). After a few conversations with their sales team, I really felt like an expert on solar incentives and technology–which feels very empowering in the face of a large financial investment.

We couldn’t have been more happy with the overall process of going solar with A&R Solar. Damien was as straightforward and upfront about the costs and benefits of getting panels. He initially said we may want to wait to see what our sun exposure would be once we removed a diseased tree that was creating some shade. Once we removed it, it was a no-brainer.

A&R Solar employee since 2013