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Having an issue or a question about your system?

We understand that you might have questions or issues with your solar energy or battery storage system. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

We have a whole FAQ page that might provide you with the information you’re seeking, such as:

How do I know my system is working?

There are four ways to check to see if your solar PV system is working:

  1. If you have a string inverter, you can look on the screen and make sure you don’t see any yellow or red LED warning lights.
  2. If you have a monitoring system such as eGauge, you’ll be able to track your production.
  3. Your production meter will show how much power you are generating.
  4. Your utility bill will show how much power your system has generated since the last billing cycle.

Can I view my energy generation and consumption?

The typical way is to look at your inverter to see how much power your system is producing at any given time. Some inverters also track cumulative production over various periods of time. You can then compare this information to your historical and future utility bills to see how much energy you are producing versus consuming.

You can also choose to have a monitoring system installed. Fill out the form below, we’ll explain your options.

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