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Your solar PV system has been installed, and our crews have left. You’ve received a walkthrough of the system and a manual or two.

You might have some questions running through your head. Now what? How does this thing work? What should you watch for? What do you have to do?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, whether you have general questions or are experiencing problems.

We have a whole FAQ page that might provide you with the information you’re seeking, as well as the videos below. Don’t feel like watching a video, then check out the transcript page for each.

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Solar troubleshooting and how it works videos

What Happens After You Sign Your Contract

How To Check If Your Inverter Is Working

How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panels

How Powerwall Works With Solar

Tesla Powerwall App Walkthrough

Tesla Powerwall Stormwatch Feature

How Much Energy Will My Solar Panels Produce?

Where the Energy Goes From Your System

Why Is There So Much Paperwork With Solar?

How Your Solar PV System Works

Kilowatt vs. Kilowatt Hour

How Storage and Solar Work

SolarEdge Monitoring Website Walkthrough

SolarEdge Monitoring: Mobile App Walkthrough

Our Solar Equipment Replacement Process

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