How much does solar cost?

The time to go solar is now

Update! Congress has extended and restored the federal solar tax credit to its full, original rate. This means that homeowners and businesses who install solar and/or battery backup systems between 2022-2032 will receive a 30% tax credit. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit on the income tax you owe. Businesses can receive an additional 10% tax credit if they use American-made products and materials, and battery storage systems no longer need to be paired with solar to qualify for the credit.

The extension of the ITC demonstrates how committed the federal government is to growing solar across the country. Solar is here to stay.

What does solar cost? It depends. We say that the price tag runs about the same as for a new car; it can vary, depending on whether you go with a trusty Honda or a performance Lexus with rain-sensing windshield wipers.

We will design a system for you that meets your budget and your goals. The first thing we’ll want to know is why you are interested in going solar. To eliminate your electricity bill? Save money? Get rid of your dependence on your electrical utility? Increase the value of your home? Leave a legacy of clean energy for your kids?

Each person has different goals, and every home is different. We work to come up with a custom solution for you, and you’ll have options to choose from.

Unlike a car purchase, your solar energy system can be offset with federal and state incentives. We’ll walk you through how they might work for you.

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Veterans and active duty military personnel! We offer a discount of $500. Mention your service when you contact us.

Learn about incentives and financing for:

Sizing and pricing a solar energy system

We consider many factors about your specific install to pull together an accurate solar quote for your home.

(roof material, height, steepness)

(economy, premium, or extra features)

(permitting costs and incentive availability)

Solar can increase your home’s value

New studies show that homes with solar often sell faster and for more money than homes without solar PV.

Zillow found that home prices increased an average of 4.1% when they had a solar energy system.

So the upfront solar cost can be offset not only with energy savings but with appreciation in your home’s value.

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