How much do solar panels cost?

The time to go solar is now

Fueled by ever-improving solar technology, solar panel systems are more affordable than ever. According to EnergySage’s U.S. Solar Marketplace Intel Report, the average consumer payback period came in at 7.8 years. That means that most people who go solar find their initial investment has “paid” for itself in less than 8 years. After that, all of the energy savings are just icing on the cake. Generally, solar panels will produce power for 30-50 years, so you are looking at decades of serious energy savings.

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Cost factors

So, what does a solar PV system actually cost? Well, it depends. We say that the price tag runs about the same as for a car–it can vary whether you go with a trusty Honda with a manual transmission or a performance Lexus with a surround sound stereo.

We consider many factors about your specific install to pull together the best price for you.


(roof material, height, steepness)


(economy, premium, or extra features)


(permitting and incentive availability)

Unlike a car purchase, your solar PV system can be offset with federal and state incentives. Most customers qualify for the Federal Income Tax Credit, net metering energy savings from local utility providers, and other incentives and rebates.

There are many good incentives and financing options for homeowners looking to install solar or battery storage.

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