2023 Social Purpose Corporation Report

Report to employees, customers, and shareholders

A&R Solar
putting people and the planet above profits

Social Purpose Corporation

From day one, we set out to make this company different from “business as usual.” We believed that if we followed the Golden Rule to treat our customers and employees as we would want to be treated, then the “gold” would follow.

That’s why at A&R Solar we have always looked for ways to invest richly in our employees, communities, and the industry we serve. We hope our example motivates other businesses to do the same.

As a Social Purpose Corporation, we have encoded into our corporate bylaws our commitment to put the good of people and the environment ahead of short-term profits for shareholders. It is a unique responsibility, and this annual report is an accounting of how much we cherish it.

Year after year we install more megawatts, welcome more employee-owners, and support more local nonprofits. We seek to minimize the ethical and environmental impacts of our day-to-day operations, and maximize our social impact within our business and our industry. We welcome your reflections and questions on this 2023 report, and most of all, we thank you for your role in making this work possible.

2023 Social Impact

Turning corporate profits into community benefits

December is our favorite time of year at A&R Solar. That’s when each of our employee-owners directs a portion of our company’s earnings toward a non-profit organization of their choice.

We also ask our customers where we should give back, to make sure we support a broad range of local organizations best equipped to address the issues they care most about.

2023 was a good year for us:

  • Donations made to 90 charitable organizations
  • $32,305 in contributions
  • Contributions spread over numerous counties in Washington and Oregon
2021 Social Impact

Doing Right By Our Employees

Doing Right By Our Employees
Doing Right By Our Employees

When we started A&R Solar back in 2007, we didn’t just want to make a positive impact on the environment. Our #1 priority was to make A&R Solar an amazing place for people to work. We set out to do business differently from how we had experienced it in the past.

What did that look like in 2023?

  • Added 18 new employee-owners for a total of 61
  • Paid a living wage and expanded benefits for all employees
  • Promoted work-life balance, with remote work for some, and a 4-day workweek option for many others
  • Embodied a culture of respect in which managers listen to recommendations and seek feedback from all employees

Setting An Example For Washington Social Purpose Corporations

It all comes back to the Golden Rule. We believe in treating our employees and our customers the way we would want to be treated.

We truly listen. We act transparently and responsibly. And when we mess up, we make it right at our own expense. Our goal is to lead a “race to the top” by competing on values, that can make a difference in our industry as a whole.

After all, every solar company in the Northwest is competing for the same employees and customers at similar wages and similar prices. If others treat their employees and customers better in order to compete more favorably, everyone wins!

Setting An Example Of How Business Should Be Done
2021 Environmental Impact

2023 Environmental Impact



solar capacity installed by our customers in 2023


metric tons of co2

lifetime (25 years) expected offset by A&R’s 2023 installs



generated by all A&R solar customers in 2023

Responsible Use Of Resources As A Business

In 2023 we faced new and old challenges to doing business as a social purpose corporation.

Reducing waste

Under the watchful eye of our Sustainability Team, we continue to reduce and reclaim 100% of the recyclable packaging and construction waste produced by our solar installations, including nearly 64,695 lbs of scrap metal in 2023.

Fossil fuel usage by employees

The lack of EV options for commercial trucks and vans means our installation team’s gas usage remained relatively unchanged in 2023. We continue to have lower commuting miles to the office than pre-pandemic; however, we hope to better balance this environmental “good” with the social “good” of feeling more connected with one another by working more in-person in 2024. Our Clean Commuting stipend helps to encourage employees to ride their bikes, carpool, or take public transportation when practical.

Responsible sourcing

Where do the raw materials for manufacturing solar panels and batteries come from? This is a relatively new area of concern, but one that we take very seriously. We actively avoid supporting companies, directly or indirectly, that may be connected to human rights violations such as slave labor, which we adamantly oppose.

Responsible Use Of Resources As A Business

Our Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint, By The Numbers

Our commitment to sustainable operations includes limiting trips and utility usage, and taking an annual inventory of our carbon footprint:

Impact from installing solar on homes and businesses

  • 278,044 miles driven
  • 7,723 gallons of gas consumed
  • 314 ferry trips in Washington
  • 2,782 train miles between Seattle and Portland offices
  • 63,515 airline miles to solar conferences
  • Total of 9.82 metric tons CO2 equivalent

Keeping the lights on

It took 57,437 kWh of electricity and 4,705 therms of natural gas to keep our rented offices and warehouses warm and functioning in 2023. That’s about 28.8 metric tons of CO2, or roughly 5.1% of our total impact.

Offsetting our emissions

Each year we purchase carbon credits to offset our fossil fuel usage at the office, on the roads, and in the skies so we can proudly state that we are a carbon-neutral company. We’re also proud of the fact that the PV systems we installed in 2023 will prevent the emission of 181x more metric tons of CO2 than it took to install them!

Moving the clean energy industry forward

Public policy continues to play an important role in our work. One of our major priorities is to lobby at the state level for legislative action that makes solar more attractive and affordable in Washington and Oregon. In 2023, three A&R employees served on the board of directors for solar advocacy organizations, including OSSIA, WASEIA, and the CleanTech Alliance. Our efforts helped to further advance solar policies surrounding net metering, building energy codes, state solar rebates, community solar, and expanded access to low- and moderate-income individuals. We also supported other clean energy and low carbon initiatives such as electrifying transportation and implementing statewide greenhouse gas reduction targets by supporting and collaborating with several Northwest advocacy groups.

While we’re happy to put in the heavy lifting via our day-to-day policy work, our progress ultimately comes from the tens of thousands of homeowners and small businesses choosing to go solar every day. Thank you!