Battery storage for your home


Storage product releases–coming in 2018!

Solar energy systems deliver clean, affordable, renewable energy to homeowners. But when storms and earthquakes knock out power for days or even weeks, systems are engineered to automatically shutdown to prevent sending power back to the grid in order to protect utility line workers.

In Washington and Oregon, many homeowners turn to generators to provide power during blackouts. But generators are noisy and smelly–and it can be challenging to get fuel in severe weather. Fuel-powered generators also have a negative impact on the environment.

Now there is another option: clean, safe, recyclable batteries. These next generation batteries will be game changers for solar homeowners. They will be able to provide power from a solar energy system during power outages and protect against any potential time of use electricity rate hikes. While Pacific Northwest utilities don’t adjust rates for electricity by time of day, many expect that to change in the coming years as utility rates rise.

Have you heard about other homeowners going off-grid with solar and storage systems? Learn about the difference between being net zero and cutting the cord completely with your electrical utility.


We are currently evaluating a number of storage solutions with beta testers in Washington and Oregon. Add your email below to be among the first to receive notification when they will be released to the public.

The future of storage

Let’s be clear: Battery storage technology is still very much in its infancy and still pretty expensive, but changes are happening rapidly. A&R Solar has deployed a number of battery solutions with pilot customers to establish which one(s) will lead us into the future.

Battery companies are constantly making improvements, and we’re keeping a close eye on which technologies will be best for our Northwest customers. We believe the competition will drive costs down and provide solar customers with a variety of options to choose from.

Beyond the peace of mind their system gives them about having power during an outage, batteries can also protect your solar investment against potential changes to utility rates. Many states have enacted time of use charges and net metering policy changes, and some industry insiders believe Washington and Oregon could someday follow.

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Tell us about your storage goals

As we evaluate the upcoming battery storage releases from various manufacturers, we are interested in hearing why you want to install storage. This information helps us determine which products we might offer.

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