Resilience and peace of mind with solar and Tesla Powerwall


Tom Kegerreis is a tech worker who did his homework before installing solar and Tesla Powerwalls. He explains how he evaluated solar and storage options and why he opted to install solar+storage on his mom’s house as well.

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Why he decided to go solar

Rising utility costs and the growth of the industry helped convince Tom to install solar.

Knowing that once it was paid off, I’d be getting essentially free power.

Technology considerations and solar

Tom evaluates technology in part based on the problems that it will help him solve.

I like to see things that work seamlessly with a minimum of user interaction.

Why going solar now makes sense

Thinking of adding A/C but concerned about the cost? Solar can help.

We were looking at energy bills at $300-$400 a month in the hottest parts of summer.

Adding battery backup

When Tom could hear the neighbors’ noisy generators from his inside of his home, he knew he wanted a different solution.

It would be quiet when it would run and back up the whole home.

Keeping Mom’s lights on

Tom’s mom had anxiety about power outages, so he turned to solar and battery storage to give her peace of mind.

I’ll send her a text and ask, “Did you know your power is out?” And she’ll say, “No. I didn’t realize.”

How to select a solar installer

After Tom checked out a national company, he settled on a local installer that would give him the quality customer experience he wanted.

A&R immediately engendered a lot of trust with me. These are a group of subject matter experts who are in it for the long haul.

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