Solar News: Student Solar, Tiny Islands, Solar Jobs

I’ve been having fun pulling together this little news roundup. We read a lot here at A&R Solar so it’s pretty easy for me to drop my favorite/eye catching/important articles here in this post.

At first I really wanted this to be solely solar focused, but the solar industry is part of a much larger energy ecosystem. If you want to understand what’s happening in solar, you have to understand what’s happening in other energy and environmental industries too. I hope you enjoy the variety.


Students at Perry Technical Institute in Yakima will install 24.9kW of solar thanks to a grant from Pacific Power.

Perry Tech is training our future work force, and in Washington there are a lot of solar jobs! Solar Washington recently published the results of a survey of local companies showing for every $1 of state money spent on incentives injects $2.46 back into the Washington economy.


Islands are increasingly embracing renewables to create more robust and stable energy regimes. A small island in Denmark is now exporting their knowledge after becoming energy independent in 2005.

Utilities are having to shift their 100+ year old business models to meet modern Distributed Energy Resources on both sides of the meter. The problem is, at the heart of the issue, there is a philosophical divide. This is an excellent article, and I highly suggest checking it out if you’re interested in the future of utilities which is also the future of renewables.

Solar Grill Can Cook at Night

The article above is about “grid-edge” technologies. What if you live on the other side of the grid where there is no power? This new device promises to get hot and stay hot for solar cooking and heating after the sun goes down.