UW and Seattle City Light Team Up for Smart Grid Project

As part of a national $620 million Department of Energy project designed to build a more efficient energy grid, the University of Washington and Seattle City Light will develop a $9.6 million “smart micro grid project” on the Seattle campus.

The project, which will be managed by McKinstry Energy Services, will install “smart” electric meters; upgrade the communication capability for the 33 individual building management systems on campus; install new data management equipment and install monitoring and control equipment in two lab or classroom buildings and two dormitories.

The Seattle project is part of $178 million earmarked by the U.S. Department of Energy for Pacific Northwest projects. Half the DOE money will come from federal stimulus funds.

“Advances in this area could help our customers reduce their energy consumption, shorten our restoration times for outages, and increase the overall efficiency of our distribution system,” said Seattle City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco, in a statement.