The Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard

Starting in July of 2008, contractors bidding on affordable housing projects in the State of Washington will be required to implement green building criteria into their projects to receive approval.

The Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard for affordable housing rates sustainable practices in development on a point scale. New developments must receive 50 points to receive approval and rehabilitation projects must receive 40 points. Adding a qualifying solar hot water system counts as ten points towards the total, while a PV solar electricity system can count as five points for the first Kilowatt of power produced and additional points for additional energy production.

Creating a project that is PV ready also counts as points towards the total needed. This means that the new or rehabilitated development is pre-wired for the future addition of a PV electric system. Solar hot water systems must be operational and provide for 50 percent of the developments hot water needs to qualify for points towards the total.