Solar Energy in Issaquah

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency in Issaquah

When you’re trying to do what you feel is right, it can be hard to know where to start.  We’ve been invited present about solar in Issaquah at “Zero in on Energy” an educational event at the Pickering Barn on Feb 12th. We’ll be speaking with Home Performance and Heating & Cooling experts about how to take your existing home towards Net Zero energy consumption.

Proposed Solar Panels On Issaquah Home
Proposed Solar Panels on Issaquah Home

The best way to save money by saving energy is to have all of the experts together in one room.  Some people look to so called “One Stop Shops,” but the truth of the matter is that these Jacks-of-all-trades don’t do any one thing well.  You need specialists that know enough about how each other work to collaborate.

Through collaboration you save money because the solar wiring is in place before the insulation is installed, which is in place after the air sealing, and the heating and cooling system is designed and installed with the final envelope in mind.  An integrated approach means you won’t have to cover old ground just to make forward progress.

Tuesday February the 12th, the non-profit Community Energy Solutions is hosting an event where home owners can get the low-down on how to take advantage of bringing together contractors specializing in Home Performance, Mechanical Systems, and Solar in Issaquah, and the surrounding areas.

You’ll learn about the approach, the process, and the financial aspects of integrating these solutions in your home.

WHERE: Pickering Barn in Issaquah

WHEN: Feb 12th 2013 5:30pm-7:30pm