Roads vs Buses…

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I’m a firm believer that conservation of our natural resources and sustainability are responsibilities that transcend politics and that the only real hope that we have for creating a future that preserves the things we hold dear lies in the decisions that we make as individuals every day.

That being said, there are some major decisions to be made in November, and I can’t help but comment on some of the things that do and don’t make sense to me.

This morning’s Seattle Times (which I acknowledge is far from unbiased) ran an article that detailed gubernatorial hopeful Dino Rossi’s plan to take money from the state’s general fund and Sound Transit’s budget to pay for upgrades and upkeep of the Washington’s road infrastructure. The article ran just a day after the Time’s reported on the overcrowding faced by Sound Transit and their lack of ability to provide for increased demand.

Hello, Stone Age.

How far in the wrong direction are we willing to turn? While traffic around Seattle is far from enjoyable, how is working to increase the budget of Sound Transit so that it can meet increased demand–caused by rising oil prices–and environmental consciousness not the main priority of a candidate that a bringer of change?

I’ve had the privilege of having breakfast next to Dino Rossi and hearing him speak at a Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce meeting a couple of years back. He was handled and introduced by Robert Legg, a pastor formerly involved in Lake Stevens, and the talk was about friendlies and un-friendlies. Rossi shared some great ideas and is a charismatic speaker. We can use change, but going back in time to an era where we cater to the personal automobiles and encourage long, fossil fuel powered commutes from the suburbs is something that we can’t afford to do as a society.

Our government needs to empower the personal decisions that we as citizens make to work towards the tomorrow we want to pass down to the next generation, not against it.