Have yourself a solar Pepsi and a smile…

Here’s a Monday morning shocker for you.

Pepsi is the owner of the (reportedly) second largest solar array in the Pacific Northwest. It’s located in Eugene, Oregon, and is not only saving energy, but providing a giant advertisement to commuters driving by that solar power is something even a mega-company like Pepsi can get involved with.

Kudos to the duo of Eric Forrest and Andy Moore, co-presidents of Pepsi Bottling Co. in Eugene, for their vision and willingness to put solar power and sustainability in the heart of their business model. The world needs more people in prominent positions to follow this example and paint the picture of our future.

The efforts of Forrest and Moore have also earned praise from Pepsico, and the parent company has featured their movement towards sustainability in various publications.

Solar is not the only measure they have taken to help the environment. The company’s fleet of trucks runs on biodiesel, and there are numerous other modifications to their bottling facility that help to lessen their environmental impact.

After learning about Pepsi’s project in Oregon, I can’t help but feel that we in Washington have been a bit out done. I can’t wait for the day that Boeing takes the step to turn the tops of their enormous buildings into the Northwest’s largest solar power installation.