A Letter to Washington State Senators

Over six years ago, Andy Yatteau and I started A&R Solar to pursue our American Dreams. 

Our dreams included running a sustainable business that had positive environmental, economic, and social impacts.  We have succeeded on all three fronts because of Washington State’s support of solar energy, and the state Production Incentive in particular.  Every year we’ve been in business we’ve averaged 120 percent growth that has allowed us to make bigger and better impacts on each of our bottom lines.

We now employ 10 full-time people with plans to hire six seasonal workers this year.  We provide our employees with living wages, health care, retirement benefits, and flexible schedules that allow for balanced work and home life.  We provide employment for unskilled labor and skilled trades, as well as licensed professionals.  We participate in internship and training programs with local community colleges, and donate our labor to projects like Habitat for Humanity.  We support local suppliers and manufacturers whenever possible.

I don’t list these accomplishments to toot my own horn.  I mention them because I want you to know how important solar positive legislation is to me.  I hope you can set aside any reservations you might have about SHB 1301 because of the long term benefits that will help grow a market for installers like us.  No energy source has ever been able to stand on its own in the beginning, but solar is well on its way to be a key component of our future energy mix with your help.

We are not making money hand over fist in solar.  We have built this business because solar energy and creating a sustainable future is something we and our clients are passionate about.  Without the previous efforts of our political leaders to create an incentive system for solar none of our achievements would have been possible.

Please consider to supporting SHB 1301 so that we can continue to support investment and job creation in a sustainable future.

Committee Members:

Senator Room Phone
Ericksen, Doug (R) Chair LEG 414 (360) 786-7682
Sheldon, Tim (D) Vice Chair LEG 312 (360) 786-7668
Ranker, Kevin (D) * JAC 215 (360) 786-7678
Billig, Andy (D) LEG 412 (360) 786-7604
Brown, Sharon (R) INB 201 (360) 786-7614
Chase, Maralyn (D) JAC 241 (360) 786-7662
Cleveland, Annette (D) JAC 230 (360) 786-7696
Honeyford, Jim (R) INB 107 (360) 786-7684
Litzow, Steve (R) LEG 416 (360) 786-7641