Paul Reinken


Paul Reinken



Hails From
Indianapolis -> San Francisco -> Stinson Beach -> Seattle -> Whidbey Island

I probably spend 90% of my free time fixing up this pile of rubble with a view on Whidbey Island (my home). When I have extra time, I like to spend it writing (or trying to). I collect records, and love spending time learning about, listening to and recording music.

Nationally Registered Paramedic
BA English, Indiana University Bloomington
BS Chemistry, Purdue University Indianapolis
Master of Public Health, Indiana University Indianapolis

Fun Fact
I’m a SciFi enthusiast (not just Star Trek) – I have 2 pugs, Spock & Data – and we have nicknamed our home the Enterprise W.

Favorite Nonprofit
Probably Wikipedia, tbh – for local action, For the People has caught my eye for work in Justice & Equity.

Volunteer Work
I am just starting to work locally with organizations on Whidbey Island. Over the years, I have volunteered at organizations supporting the homeless, food bank events, community clean-up events, career information events, and have given time to helping organizations like Fresh Start (supporting women leaving unsafe housing).