Olympic Peninsula solar

Bringing solar power to the Peninsula’s diverse climates and communities

Comprised of a temperate rain forest, salmon-filled rivers, a majestic mountain range, and even a rain-shadow-driven sunny side, the Olympic Peninsula is in many ways a microcosm of the entire Pacific Northwest. And like the rest of the region, the Peninsula is fertile ground for the many benefits of solar energy.

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From “Sunny Sequim” (which averages the same yearly rain fall as Los Angeles) to Aberdeen, A&R Solar installs high-powered, high-efficiency PV solar systems for homes, businesses, and communities throughout the Peninsula. Rain or shine, our solar systems are environmentally and financially viable—producing a surplus of energy during long summer days that can often be exchanged for credit on winter utility bills.

Our team combines technical expertise with honest craftsmanship to deliver effective solar solutions for individual homes, commercial solar projects, and other applications. A&R Solar is well positioned to empower residents of the Olympic Peninsula with advanced solar technology and in-depth industry knowledge. Reach out to learn more, and check out our service area below.

Our Olympic Peninsula service area

Clallam County
Jefferson County
Grays Harbor County
Pacific County

Wahkiakum County

“We were very pleased with our experience with A&R Solar. They were very professional and explained every aspect of the process thoroughly. There was a small problem with one of the connections initially, and they came back right away and solved the problem. We can highly recommend this company.”


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