Tesla Powerwall Rebate

Installing solar + storage? Now’s the time!

  • — Starting now, Tesla is offering $500 rebates on each Tesla Powerwall installed by 10/31/2023.
  • — All you have to do is fill out your rebate request, and Tesla will send you a check for $500 for EACH Powerwall!
  • — Can’t make the 10/31 deadline? No worries! We’re ready to extend this offer to make sure you can take full advantage.
  • — If we can’t get your Powerwalls installed by Tesla’s 10/31 deadline, we’ll discount the rebate amount from your system cost if you sign a contract with A&R Solar by 10/31.
  • Either way, you’re saving money!
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**We cannot expand an existing Tesla Powerwall system that wasn’t installed by A&R Solar

** Minimum Powerwall installation: 2 or more batteries (2 x $500 = $1,000 rebate)

5 Reasons To Install A Tesla Powerwall

  1. Exceptional Manufacturing Reputation: Tesla has earned a sterling reputation for its manufacturing prowess, ensuring high-quality products that customers can rely on.
  2. Strategic Planning and Adaptability: Tesla demonstrates exceptional planning, foresight, and adaptability to market changes, ensuring that their Powerwall remains at the forefront of technological advancements.
  3. Economies of Scale: With its multinational presence and widespread adoption, Tesla benefits from economies of scale. As a result, customers can expect gradual price reductions over time, making Powerwall more accessible to a broader audience.
  4. Robust Financial Strength: Being a publicly traded company with enormous financial strength, Tesla has the resources and stability to continue innovating and supporting its products for the long term.
  5. Superior Customer Service and Support: Tesla is known for providing excellent customer service, warranty support, and effective partnership management, ensuring a positive experience for Powerwall owners.
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