Go solar and save money in Portland. It’s that simple.

Going solar will be one of the best decisions you make

Thousands of people across Oregon, including your neighbors, have taken advantage of generous federal and state incentives to install solar. It’s a decision that benefits their pocketbook, their planet, and their community.

At A&R Solar, we’re working to harness the power of nature for PDX residents and businesses through high-efficiency solar panel installations. Our team is committed to unlocking renewable and sustainable energy sources in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, West Linn, and beyond—and you can be a big part of making this happen.

Our customer base includes homeowners of all kinds, small businesses, elementary schools, multi-national companies, electric utilities, and our own employees.

There are financial incentives to help with the cost of solar, but they are being phased out. To maximize your investment, contact us or give us a call at (503) 420-8680 today to learn how easy and affordable going solar can be.

How will solar save me money?




“A&R was one of 5 companies I got a quote from. Everything was setup without any issues, and the system has been running beautifully. I have been recommending A&R to everyone who is interested in adding solar to their home.”


Does solar work in Oregon?

Yes! Our long summer days make it perfect for solar. Find out more about how your neighbors are killing their electric bills by choosing to power their homes with solar energy.

Solar success story: no electricity bills

  1. Offsets 99% of energy usage
  2. 94% of system paid off in first five years
  3. Received more than $10,000 in tax credits to offset installation costs

Solar success story: maximize PGE incentive

  1. Utility incentive program reduced overall cost by $4,500
  2. 99% offset of energy usage
  3. Received more than $12,000 in tax credits to offset installation costs

Solar success story: big cumulative savings

  1. First year utility savings of more than $1,400
  2. 60% of system cost recovered in first year
  3. Received more than $14,000 in tax credits to offset installation costs

Curious how solar might work for your home? Contact us–we’re happy to answer all of your questions and get you a free, no-obligation solar analysis!

About A&R Solar

A&R Solar is an employee-owned solar installation company with offices in Milwaukie and Seattle. We install solar energy systems on homes, business, and corporate buildings. Following our Northwest values, we conduct business on what we call our Triple Bottom Line, measuring success by our social, environmental, and economic impact. Our solar energy solutions help homeowners, local governments, and businesses slow the destructive effects of climate change. At the same time, our customers are gaining energy independence and supporting a local, green economy. The result is a cleaner, safer planet, increased energy independence, and a robust local economy.

Our Portland service area includes the cities of Portland, Woodburn, Troutdale, Beaverton, Milwaukie, West Linn, Wilsonville, Hillsboro, Clackamas, Gresham, Tualatin, Sandy, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Saint Helens, Lake Oswego, Forest Grove, Sherwood, and McMinnville.

Low risk, big reward




Get the performance you expect, or we’ll refund you 110 percent of the difference, guaranteed. We’ve got you covered in the event something goes wrong during the first decade of operation.



We deliver peace of mind with our projects by offering an industry-leading 10-year warranty, covering you from any defects in workmanship, building materials, or related construction.



Sometimes technology fails. If you need us to replace faulty equipment, any labor costs associated with this effort are on us for the first 10 years after your purchase.

““We are in love the crew from A&R Solar. They came to our home in Myrtle Point, Oregon, and installed our panels in one day. They were fast, friendly, and very professional. We had several bad experiences with contractors from Coos Bay area, and the A&R Solar crew restored our faith that there are excellent contractors out there after all. We highly recommend A&R Solar to anyone looking to install a system anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Working with the staff in Washington and Oregon, they took care of everything from financing options to Pacific Power and net metering at the end. We look forward to controlling our power costs for many years to come.
A big hug and thank you to A&R Solar!””