Solar financing

Low-interest financing to help anyone afford solar energy

A&R Solar maintains partnerships with several local credit unions, banks, and alternative lenders that can help you finance your solar energy system. Select your state below to browse financing resources in your area:

Frequently asked solar financing questions

Do banks offer zero-down financing?

Yes, many of the banks and credit unions we recommend working with offer secured and unsecured loans with no money down financing.

Is financing available for small businesses?

Yes, though this is admittedly harder to secure than financing for solar on your home. Our commercial projects team has helped clients secure financing for their business and can speak with you about financing options.

Do the financing providers know anything about solar?

Yes, and they love it too! The credit unions and banks we work with are enthusiastic about solar and are comfortable talking about the technology too. Chances are, the lender you work with has already financed hundreds of other similar systems.

What kind of credit score is required?

Several lenders we work with accept credit scores as low as 600. Higher credit scores generally result in lower interest rates. We are actively working on additional financing resources to make solar accessible to as many people as possible.

What about same-as-cash options?

No, and we recommend being extremely cautious about same-as-cash financing.

Many of these “deals” are deferred interest payments. If you can pay off your loan in full within the 12 month window, that’s great. But if your finances change, and you are unable to pay off your remaining balance, you will be charged on the full amount that you borrowed, not just your remaining balance. These interest rates can be as high as 40% or more. The minimum monthly payments don’t add up to paying off the balance by the 12-month deadline, so you could find yourself with unhealthy debt if you can’t pay the full amount in the specified time period.

Additionally, these same-as-cash loans typically require the installer to pay fixed upfront fees to the lender, which get passed on to the consumer in the form of higher system costs. While we want to encourage as many people to go solar as possible, we want to do so responsibly and in the fairest way for the customer.

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