Financing for commercial solar projects


Work with a solar installer to secure financing

Securing financing for commercial projects generally requires technical information about the solar project submitted with a loan application. As such, it’s best to work through a loan application with a solar contractor.

Solar energy is a stable asset that more and more banks are warming up to. Your project might be best suited for a long-term lease, a power purchase agreement, or a traditional term loan. Our commercial projects team can help you determine the best option for financing your solar project.

Private and public sources of financing

In addition to accessing financing from private banks, credit unions or alternate lenders, several federal and state programs exist to help companies finance solar energy projects with low-interest loans where the only collateral required for the loan is the solar equipment.

Our commercial projects team maintains a list of recommended financing options for solar in your state, which might include a loan application process that we are happy to help you with.

Call us at (206) 707-9937 or (503) 420-8680 and we’ll be happy to explain these programs to you over the phone.

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