How solar battery storage works with a solar PV system

Solar Battery storage

It’s a common misconception that your system will work in the event of a power outage. But in reality, your inverter has to be able to shut off when it loses AC power to the grid. That’s in order to protect the linemen who would be working on the power outage so that it doesn’t create an unsafe situation. Here is some additional information on UL1741 anti-islanding.

The energy that you typically produce and back feed to the grid, you could store in a battery backup solar system. In that event, you’d be able to have energy in the evenings at your home. This is going to be examples like LG or Tesla Powerwall.

If you want to learn more about how to design these systems for your home, you can reach out to one of our design consultants. They can walk you through that. This is still kind of a new technology and a new area that’s going on right now so there’s a lot of detail that you want to make sure you are accounting for. This is specific to grid-tied battery backup systems, not off-grid battery systems.

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