Solar Monitoring: Troubleshooting


Some of the main issues we run into when you have a monitoring site–it’s really just internet related.

You may go log in and see that you don’t have a few days of data or sometimes even a month’s worth of data. If that happens, it’s typically that your system is just not connected to the internet.

We have to use a variety of different tactics to get these things hooked up, the most stable being a hard ethernet connection to your modem. But in this instance, we can help you figure out what’s going on and come out and troubleshoot and get your inverter reporting back online.

Otherwise while you’re viewing your monitoring website, you can watch for trends and loss of production. If you see a cliff event where your production graph is going along and just drops straight down, it could be that your inverter shut off and make sure to go look and see if there’s an error code out there.

These are the things that we are going to ask when you call in. If you can take a look at that stuff before you give us a call, we’ll be better equipped to get you back online faster.

Visit our service page if you need to submit a service request for your solar PV system.