What You Should Know About the Tesla Powerwall Battery System

UPDATED: A&R Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in Washington and Oregon. Learn more about Powerwall and battery storage.

Tesla Motors’ announced its rechargeable lithium-ion battery product called Powerwall in April, and solar customers and industry insiders haven’t stopping talking about it.

For a product that isn’t even available to the broader public yet, we get asked about it on a weekly basis.

Simply put, the Powerwall stores energy. For example, it could bank the excess energy produced from a home’s solar energy system during a sunny day for use at night or to provide backup power if the utility is down. Some industry analysts believe that it could eventually allow many utility customers to entirely power their own homes without the need to be connected to the utility grid.

We’ve been monitoring the Powerwall’s release and some of the testing being done in the United States.

Tesla might be the most recognizable name in the battery storage field, but there will be a lot of competition, and perhaps more importantly, a lot of research and development over the next several years. As battery competition and adoption increases, prices will drop and become more affordable for the average homeowner.