Why Are You Telling Me My House Isn’t Right for a Solar Energy System?

We’re in the business of selling solar energy systems, but for certain homes, going solar just doesn’t make good financial sense.

We love our trees here in the Pacific Northwest, but they can definitely be a barrier to solar potential. The shade that trees can cast on your roof means that your solar panels won’t be collecting energy.

We want our customers to make wise decisions about investing in solar. That’s why we have a production guarantee and why we sometimes tell people that solar isn’t probably right for them. Solar can be installed almost anywhere – but it won’t always be in your best interest.

We hate to hear about people who have listened to installers who don’t take shading into consideration and then have their systems produce far less energy than they were promised.

We’ve compiled some of the questions we have received over the years. We think people should ask a solar contractor some tough questions when they are considering installing solar. We want you to have the information you need so that you can make the decision that is best for you. Customers who are educated about solar make our industry stronger.

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