• PV System Size: 7.42kW DC
    Solar Panels: SunPower E18
    Inverter: SunPower
  • After returning from an extended stay in Denmark, Don & Ruth Marsh decided it was time to do their part in moving toward a sustainable lifestyle. They stepped up their conservation efforts across the board, and even retired one of their vehicles in exchange for regular bicycle and public transportation use. Only after marinating on the idea of solar for almost a year did the Marsh’s finally commit to using solar energy as their home’s primary power source.

    They chose to use SunPower 225’s because of their high efficiencies and due to the high visibility of their project within the neighborhood. Don and Ruth understand the importance of a visually appealing system and hope to see their neighbors eventually follow suit with PV systems of their own.

    Because of the membranous roof, UniRac HD rail was used to minimize penetrations and their original roofing contractor was brought in to flash each penetration with additional torch-down material. Quality craftsmanship was a major factor in the Marsh’s selection of a solar contractor, and they can rest easy knowing that they received the highest quality installation from A&R Solar.