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Hu House



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Project Location:

Kirkland, WA




PV System Size: 7.41kW DC
Solar Panels: Silicon Energy
Inverter: Silicon Energy

This customer demanded the best, and we delivered.

The made in Washington solar panels from Silicon Energy are the most durable modules on the market. They also have twice the bypass diodes of other modules allowing for better performance in shaded conditions.

We worked closely with our client to make sure that our final design met his performance needs. He also wanted to be able to expand his system later. Designing for future expansion is not easy. Not only did the components have to match perfectly today, the design also needed to be flexible enough to allow for what's next.

Svet puts on the final touches.

The Hu house with solar panels installed.

Bryce wires the inverter.

Bryce on the roof

Combiner box

Silicon Energy Inverter System

More made in Washington panels


We know the decision to go solar is a big step. We also know you might be ready to take that step, since you're here. We're happy you found us. Let's talk.