Our Company

Our Mission

What matters most to us is longevity and productivity.

Every install, we’re putting everything we’ve got into a system designed to make what you want a reality. We’re professionals. We wouldn’t expect anything less of ourselves.

For Our Customers

We formed this company to help you achieve your goals.

We do this by combining our knowledge and experience with the service you expect from experienced contractors.

We understand solar is likely just one step toward addressing your environmental concerns. That’s why we like to talk about the big picture: conservation and efficiency throughout the entire project.

Solar empowers you by reducing your need for nonrenewable energy. For many it’s a start to achieving sustainability in your home or building. We’re versed on best industry practices for solar power and construction, so talk to us about your dreams for energy independence. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our Vision

We’re working for total sustainability — yours and the planet’s.

Whether you see solar as the future of your home or your business, we understand it’s more than power. It’s a legacy for future generations. Something we can all be proud of.

For Our Employees

What’s your American Dream?

We’re pretty sure it’s not a house in the suburbs, 2.5 kids and a garage with 2 cars and a riding lawnmower.

That’s not our dream, either. The American Dream is about deciding your destiny, not meeting the status quo. That’s why we offer our employees the opportunity to take ownership in something that transcends a 9-to-5: A&R solar is employee-owned. By leveraging our diverse voices, we can better meet the needs of our work force, our community and our environment. And you.

Our Team

Andrew Yatteau
Founder, COO

Journeyman Plumber

Dave Kozin

MBA in Sustainable Business
NABCEP PV Certified
Jason Budgeon
01 Electrician

Yung Mee Kim

Anders Hellum-Alexander
Sales and Design

Jesse Anderson
Project Management Asst.

Mike Dalton
01 Electrician

Shane Nesbitt
Comercial project Developer

Reeves Clippard
Founder, CEO

WA State Electrical Administrator
NABCEP PV Certified
Evan Manderbach
Project Managment

NABCEP PV Certified

Wendy Wenrick
Office Manager

Jerome Lyons
Lead Designer

Damien Durand
Sales and Design

Connor Thorne

Will MacArthur

Michael Cordova
01 Electrician

A&R Solar License Numbers

General Contractor: RSOLASC936KB
Electrical Contractor: RSOLAS*903JM