Why does your design have setbacks of the solar panels from the roof line?

Fire setbacks for solar PV systems are required by the IBC (International Building Code) and adopted by some state and local permitting authorities.

The intention of the setbacks is to provide firefighters with access to the peak of the roof in order to provide positive ventilation in the event of a house fire. This firefighting practice can be critical for releasing toxic gases from the inside of a home and can save lives. Most jurisdictions base their requirements on the recommendation of their fire marshal. In most cases, solar arrays are required to have a minimum of 18 inches set back from the ridge of the roof and may also require a three-foot pathway along one of the edges.

Things You Should Know Before You Go Solar
We’ve compiled some of the questions we have received over the years. We think people should ask a solar contractor some tough questions when they are considering installing solar. We want you to have the information you need so that you can make the decision that is best for you. Customers who are educated about solar make our industry stronger.