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We utilize 100 percent in-house labor during aspects of a project from sales to design to installation.

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Our Perfect 10 Guarantee™ covers your solar energy system’s production, workmanship, and equipment for 10 years.

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In business since 2007, our team has deep experience installing on every roof type in nearly every utility across the Northwest.


Get the performance you expect, or we’ll refund you 110 percent of the difference, guaranteed. We’ve got you covered in the event something goes wrong during the first decade of operation.


We deliver peace of mind with our projects by offering an industry-leading 10-year warranty, covering you from any defects in workmanship, building materials, or related construction.


Sometimes technology fails. If you need us to replace faulty equipment, any labor costs associated with this effort are on us for the first 10 years after your purchase.

Industry Leader

A&R Solar goes beyond paying dues in industry organizations. As a solar energy contractor, we are actively engaged in leadership and policy positions at local, state, and national levels.

We advocate for our customers, employees, and industry on a broad range of issues: the value of solar and net metering, workforce development, production and tax incentives, codes of ethics, and new technology deployment.

Every A&R Solar customer contributes to the solar industry’s greater good by choosing to work with us.

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Solar Installation Made Easy

From consultation and installation to monitoring and maintenance, we manage every detail to ensure you feel confident in your investment

Step 1. Consultation & Quote

Free Site Assessment

Identify Your Energy Goals

Answer Questions

Review Your Contract

Step 2. Design & Permitting

Review Solar Design

Securing Permits

Order Materials

Final Touches

Step 3. Installation & Activation

Quick & Efficient Installation

System Testing & Activation

Step 4. After Installation

Electrical Inspection

Final Payment

Understand Your New Utility Meter

Understanding Your System

Washington Solar Incentives

Washington provides solar incentives that significantly benefit homeowners looking to install solar panels. These incentives include the solar sales tax exemption, federal tax incentives, and net metering policies, which collectively reduce the upfront costs and improve the financial returns of solar installations.

Known as the Clean Energy Transformation Act, this Washington state solar incentive exempts sales tax on the total cost of a solar energy system. This includes materials, labor, permits, and any electrical work related to the installation of your system.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit can reduce the cost of installing a solar energy system by 30%.

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income tax you would otherwise owe.

Residential taxpayers can apply a credit to their federal income tax return at the end of the year in which their system went into service based on the total price of the system. The solar tax credit is not refundable, but can still be carried forward to future years if you can’t use the full amount in one year.

Net metering is an arrangement between a homeowner and their utility. After a grid-tied solar energy system has been installed, your utility will install a two-way meter at no charge to you. This meter will measure both the power you consume and the excess power you send back to the utility grid.

During the summer months, your system will often produce more power than you consume. Currently, for every Kilowatt hour (kWh) you send to the utility grid, you’ll be compensated with a credit for a Kilowatt hour: a 1:1 compensation rate. Those credits will be applied to your energy bill during the winter months when you likely consume more energy than you produce.


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Jennifer Norris Google Review Of A&Amp;Amp;R Solar
Jennifer Norris
Google Review

A&R did a wonderful job planning, answering our myriad questions, and setting up the ideal system for our needs. The install went smoothly and ahead of schedule and our only hiccup was communicating with the utility company. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid solar experience with amazing customer service.

Justin Marks Google Review Of A&Amp;Amp;R Solar
Justin Marks
Google Review

I purchased my solar array from A&R about 6 years ago and had an amazing experience at the time. Since then, the customer support continues to be fantastic! On two occasions an individual panel stopped reporting back to the monitoring software and A&R was super responsive. They set my expectations on timeline, arrived when they said they would, and made the problem going away (once requiring replacing a panel) with no cost to me. They even removed a bird nest from under one of the panels 🙂 Super happy with my choice of provider!

Laurie Pitman Google Review Of A&Amp;Amp;R Solar Installation
Laurie Pitman
Google Review

Great customer service. Truly expert and talented technical people like Tom. Always friendly and responsive. Update 18 months later… terrific customer service. I had an issue with an inverter a couple of months ago, and THEY called ME to let me know about it. They came out the next day and took care of it, all covered under warranty. What a great team. Everyone from my first experience 3 years ago has been knowledgeable and kind.

Caleb Goodin Google Review Of A&Amp;Amp;R Solar Installation
Caleb Goodin
Google Review

It’s been two years and I’m still happy with my solar. So far it’s meeting my needs and I’m really grateful for the care A&R put into the finer details of my installation. Just yesterday y’all got a compliment from my electrician, he said your conduit work was flawless. I’d recommend A&R to anyone, especially if you’re looking for quality and honesty in a solar installer.

Our Service Area

As a leading solar energy company in Oregon and Washington, our team of NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) has helped over 4,000 homeowners and businesses install solar energy systems in the Pacific Northwest.

  • 4,313 Residential Solar Projects
  • 164,407 Solar Panels Installed
  • 60,282 Kilowatts of Clean, Limitless Energy
  • 951 Battery Storage Systems Installed

Solar FAQ

Absolutely! Washington’s long summer days are perfect for solar energy.

Thanks to abundant sunlight and utility net metering programs, you can build energy credits during the sunny summer months and utilize them during the shorter winter days. Additionally, Washington’s cooler summer weather allows solar panels to operate more efficiently compared to hotter climates, resulting in more effective energy production.

Solar energy systems also perform well on cloudy days, capturing scattered light and converting it into usable energy. While we may not produce as much power as the southern deserts, we still generate enough to make solar a financially viable solution. In fact, our solar potential is comparable to Germany’s, a global leader in solar energy installations. Plus, with various state incentives and a commitment to renewable energy, installing solar in Washington is a smart and sustainable choice for homeowners.

Net metering is an agreement between you and your utility where you are allowed to bank credits whenever your system is producing more energy than your home is using.

Typically, this occurs in the sunny summer months, when your system is most productive. In the winter, you can draw from those credits, keeping your bills low.

There is a net metering fiscal year, which runs from May-April. On April 30, you will forfeit any credits that you may have with the utility. The year resets on May 1, coinciding with the long summer days to start building up credits again.

In Oregon, the fiscal year runs from April-March. If you still have kWh “in the bank” at the end of March, the utility may credit you or transfer those credits to customers in their low-income program. Having extra credits is rare: Systems aren’t usually designed to produce more than 100 percent of your annual consumption.

No. State law in Oregon prevents homeowner associations from outright prohibiting the installation of solar PV systems as long as the system meets all health, safety and performance standards required by state and local permitting authorities.

We’ve had dozens of customers over the years who belonged to an HOA. We’ve found that many times, the design that we include in our quote is enough to soothe concerns. We are also happy to meet with the HOA board, answer any questions, and go through the state law to show how our system will comply.

Ask us for more information.

Since solar panels tend to last more than 25 years, your roof should be in good condition before you get a system installed.

Panels have additional benefits—once they are in place, they will actually protect your roof by blocking UV rays. Solar panels are surprisingly sturdy and can withstand hail and extreme environments. We recommend replacing your roof before installing solar if it has less than 10-12 years of life remaining.

Depends on the technology and the climate the system is placed in.

Generally, solar electric panels will produce power for 30-50 years. Manufacturers usually warranty the power output for 25 years, but most people agree they’ll continue producing well beyond that.

Some balance of system (BOS) components may need to be replaced before the solar panels lose their effectiveness, including the inverter, which typically has a 10-year or 25-year warranty.

Thanks to our mild weather, we should see extended lifetimes on our systems. A&R Solar also takes care to use best practices developed in our climate. That means you’re getting a system designed for you.

A&R Solar offers an industry-leading 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all our residential solar installations.

The installation piece is fairly straightforward and usually takes between one and three days, depending on system size and installation complexity.

No. Our team does all of the permitting paperwork and engineering for those structures that require them.

For our system installs, we only use our in-house employees, including licensed electricians and installers.

In certain situations, we might contract out non-solar related work like installing membrane roof flashings or drywall repair.

Yes they do. There is evidence that homes with solar sell faster and for more money than comparable homes without.

A study out of California concluded that the premium for which solar homes sell is about the same as what the homeowner paid for the system in the first place. Zillow reported a 4.1% average lift in home appreciation on homes with solar over those without. In the meantime, you’re saving money on your bill every month.

One exception is if the solar system is leased, in which case the home value may not increase, and buyers may be hesitant to assume the lease payments.

So, unlike stainless appliances in the kitchen or a new tile backsplash in the bathroom, the investment of purchasing a solar energy system is preserved by permanently increasing your home’s value.

Find out how it might increase your home’s value at pvvalue.com.

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