Solar News: Go Hawks, Snowpack, Carbon Tax, Solar Incentives, Caribbean Islands 

Shooo, mercy! That was some game last night.

I will not lie I gave up on our Hawks just a couple of times. I heard there were a bunch of people that left the game with 5 minutes to go to beat the traffic. They got stuck outside the stadium forced to just listen to the rest of the 12 inside watch that incredible come back. If there’s one thing I learned from running as a sport: the contest isn’t over until you cross that finish line.


If you’re a skier then you know that we’re not seeing a lot of snowpack in the Cascades. What does that mean for our hydro-heavy generation mix? Well for Seattle, it’s okay because most of the city’s power comes from further away. Drinking water though? That’s a different story.<

Are you curious to know how Washington’s proposed carbon tax proposals will affect your household? UW has published their new Carbon Tax Swap Calculator. My family would save about $263 per year.

New solar incentives in Washington are currently in negotiations. A stakeholder group including Solar Installers of Washington has been meeting for months. A report from the group shows that 150MW of solar is the target of a new program.


Berkley Labs has published an updated version of their widely sourced valuation of solar powered homes. The question is does solar add value to a home? The answer is yes, about $4/W.

Wholesale (spot) electricity prices have increased nationwide. Once again in the PacNW our hydro resources minimized the increase in prices.

On an Island in the Sun

Islands are incredibly depending on energy imports of fuel for both transportation but also for electricity. If you’ve ever talked to anyone that lives in Hawaii about their electric bill you get an idea about how expensive and fragile that kind of dependence on oil is. Well, a Caribbean Island has eliminated their need for diesel and gone 100 percent renewable!