Solar News: Job Growth and Solar Stickers

I know everyone is doing year in reviews right now, but I’ll save you one here.

We are wrapping up the year’s installations, prepping for next month, working on budgets, reports, and all of the other fun things companies do at the end of the year. A lot of what we’re looking at right now is future focused: What does Governor Inslee’s plans mean for the solar industry? Us? What’s coming up in the energy storage market? What will the Seventh Power Plan predict for the regions power needs? Are there new technologies emerging in solar? Are some technologies or companies leaving solar? One of my greatest joys in being a solar company CEO is asking these questions, seeing if I can find answers, and seeing if we need to change the way we do business to meet the future’s challenges. What do you see on the horizon?


Local solar panel manufacturer Silicon Energy testified in Washington DC regarding an on-going trade dispute between the US and China.

Washingtonians and Oregonians spend twice as much on fossil fuels as on education.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (one of my favorite data sites), the power sector lost jobs overall except for renewable electricity generators. Solar has lead the way with the most job growth followed by wind. The data is surprising to me because it doesn’t include “behind the meter”/rooftop solar installers like ourselves. Speaking of… we’re hiring.

Sticky Issue

I have two 3-year-old boys. As you may not know, there is a “sticker phase” that as far as I can tell will never end. I first encountered solar stickers in a TED talk, and now National Geographic has given the same scientist more air time to talk about adhesive solar energy cells.