Solar News: False Rifts, Pipe Power, Big G Wants Big E, Powering Propellers


Solar installer groups from inside and outside are split over potential changes to the solar incentives here in Washington. Let it be known that The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) does little to no business in Washington.

There may be an untapped source of hydroelectricity in the Pacific Northwest. In Portland, a company is now generating power by putting turbines in the pipes delivering drinking water.

Learn more about the Grow Community, the largest solar community in Washington, in an interview with the project manager, Greg Lotakis.


“Prudent risk management does not use uncertainty as an excuse for inaction, and fire and health insurance make sense. We need leaders who are scientifically well-informed and willing act in the long-term best interests of their countries.” – Steven Chu

The United States General Services Administration, the nations largest landlord, wants to make half of all of it’s building area net zero.

In the Sky

You’ve probably heard about the solar powered plane that will circumnavigate the globe without refueling. Oh, you haven’t? Catch up.