Solar News: Utility Scale, State of the State

Already the last week of January?

Time moves fast. It slows down as you get older right? Right? Well time and tide wait for no man. Onward into the future we all go!


Seattle based OneEnergy Renewables is seeking approval to construct a 1 mega-watt solar farm northwest of Ellensburg.

Local solar panel manufacturer Itek gets a nod in Inslee’s State of the State address.

Snohomish PUD has installed a large scale battery system on their grid. Utility scale storage helps to manage variable loads like solar and wind, and can create resiliency in times of power outages.


In the US. there are twice as many solar works as coal miners.

Like charts? Here are 8 trends in solar technology presented in technicolor.

China’s growing urban middle class requires lots of energy. It turns out that wind and solar might be the cheapest energy options for the country to meet growing demand.

On Your Plate

Washington based San Juan Island Sea Salt uses passive solar energy to bring small batch “hand crafted” salt to local tables.

And Just Because

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. The True Size of Africa.