The Journey of a Solar Panel

Solar panels weigh about 45 pounds each and measure just over three feet wide by five feet long.

For the average home, we install 16-24 panels on the roof, depending on the size of the roof and electrical consumption. There are a couple of ways we get all of these panels on top of your house: a construction lift and a panel hoist.

Construction lifts are a pretty common sight—you see some variety of them at major construction sites or when utility workers are maintaining the electrical lines.

Panel hoists are like a vertical conveyer belt. An installer places the panel on the hoist at the bottom and another installer retrieves it when it reaches the top of the roof.

Here’s a video our team shot with a GoPro of a panel making its way to the top of a three story home. Lead installer, Will MacArthur, is on top to make sure it arrives safely.