SustainableSolar Pilot Program Launches

SustainableWorks selected A&R Solar an independent solar contractor for their SustainableSolar pilot program.

SustainableWorks, is a local non-profit energy efficiency program and general contractor.

Homeowners that take part in the SustainableSolar program have access to low interest loans. SustainableWorks offers the loans in partnership with Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union.

The SustainableSolar loan product makes it easy to finance a solar project. The Solar Loans have accessible loan terms, no down payment, and you can finance up to $50,000.

What if you want to do energy efficiency project and a solar project? You can do both under a single Enhanced Solar Loan. SustainableWorks will perform the efficiency work, and we will do the solar work.

Energy efficiency and solar were born to go together. You can increase the impact of your solar by taking steps to make your home more efficient.

SustainableWorks also offers a Save Energy Today assessment and project. This one day energy saving program combines an energy assessment with immediate efficiency improvements. SustainableWorks techs start duct and air sealing, and install light bulbs while at your home. The Save Energy Today program is a $1200 value with only a $150 cost to the homeowner.

SustainableWorks is also a general contractor should your home need deeper energy efficiency upgrades. Their services include weatherization, heating, plumbing, and electrical. They can also provide access to program incentives, utility rebates, and project management services.

SunstainableSolar is a pilot project with only 60 spots for customers.  Act now to take advantage of this great opportunity.

PSCCU / SustainableSolar Loan Terms:

  • Maximum Loan: $50,000
  • Minimum Loan: $1,000
  • Term: Up to 180 months
  • Minimum Monthly Payment: $50/month
  • Rates: 4.25%-8.74%

Want to know if you qualify? Contact us to find out more.