SunPower Solar Panels Are Most Efficient Again

SunPower in a press release today announced that they are launching their “X-Series” family of solar panels.  The new line of SunPower solar panels achieve record breaking efficiencies of 21.5 percent.

Designed for the residential market, these solar panels will allow homeowners to maximize their energy production on their projects.  The X-Series family will produce more energy and more reliably than other solar panels on the market; not to mention with SunPower’s beautiful aesthetics.

The new world-record efficiencies were tested and verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The X-Series promises to deliver roughly 8 to 10 percent more energy per rated watt than other modules on the market due to their third-generation Maxeon® solar cells.  With the launch of the Maxeon® solar cell, Sunpower solar panels now enjoy the industry’s first 25-year product and power warranty.

You can read the full press release at PR Newswire.