SunPower Modules Assist Winning Solar Decathlon Teams

Every other year, the U.S. Department of Energy sponsors a Solar Decathlon in which teams from Universities around the world compete to build the best solar-powered home.

Each team competes across 10 different categories, using equipment and materials of their choice. This year, the first, second, and third place teams all outfitted their homes using SunPower high efficiency modules.

As an Authorized SunPower dealer, we are not surprised to hear about these results. A&R Solar has installed a number of different solar panels over the years and believes there is a clear distinction in the quality between SunPower and the other manufactures. While we continue to recommend and install other brands of panels for people who are on tighter budgets or focused on minimizing payback periods, we believe SunPower delivers the highest value in terms of efficiency, aesthetics, longevity, and peace of mind.

Due to SunPower’s rigorous standards, A&R Solar currently remains the only Authorized Dealer in Washington State. After speaking with our competitors, we do not expect this to be the case for very long, as several local companies have been applying for years to be able to carry the line. We believe A&R Solar was selected because we share in SunPower’s vision of designing and installing the highest quality systems, no matter what it takes. SunPower’s industry-best training program and random site inspections help ensure that we live up to our promise of quality on every job.