Spring Is Right Around the Corner

It feels like spring, smells like spring, and looking out the office window, I see buds starting to form on our pear tree. Despite the Marketplace Report I’m listening to on the radio, I can’t help but feel my spirits rising. We’ve noticed the sun is out longer, and it’s charging our emotional batteries.

What can we do with all of this extra energy provided by the sun? Collect it, of course, and put it to work! The warmer temperatures are speeding up our compost and worm bins. The worms will help to feed our chickens. The fertilizing they do every day is going to help us start this year’s garden. A garden is a great way to collect solar energy to directly fuel your body.

I’m also excited to see the sun hit our solar hot water collector on our south facing wall. Even during winter I witnessed it getting hot, but now it’ll really start to produce!

What plans do you have to take advantage of the coming days of sun?