Solar power on lease…

Solar City, a company with offices in Oregon, Arizona and California has developed a plan that allows home owners to lease a solar power system for their home. The program is designed to allow people who can’t afford the cost of a solar power system make the transition to solar power for a monthly fee instead of an investment in installation.

The solar systems are generally available on a 15 year lease and cost roughly $142 per month. For many, that amount is roughly equal to the amount of savings that they experience on their monthly energy bill, creating a situation where the client is not saving money, but is making a difference by using clean energy.

There isn’t a solar lease plan available in Washington and there may not be in the near future due to the different solar resource that is available here compared to Arizona, California or even Oregon. The program is an example of how creative financial planning is starting to make solar power use a reality for more and more people.

Stay tuned to the Northwest Solar Blog to learn about some upcoming programs in the Seattle area that will provide additional incentives for home owners to begin using solar power on their homes.