Solar Power Lights Up Baghdad

The U.S. Army has found a new and sustainable way to provide a higher level of security in Baghdad, using solar power street lights to help improve the safety of the residents at night in areas that are still subject to regular power outages.

Approximately 16,000 solar street lights are planned for installation around the Iraq capital. They are not your ordinary solar lights that we’re used to seeing in the Northwest. They are build with special screws and bullet proof glass to help them avoid theft of the bulbs and people breaking them.

In spite of all of the atrocities of war that have and will unfortunately will continue taking place in Baghdad, it is encouraging to see something sustainable implemented and most likely left behind when the U.S. forces leave the region. It’s also encouraging to see the U.S military, a major user of fossil fuels and generally conservative collection of people, recognizing the value of sustainable practices, even if they aren’t for traditional reasons.