Solar en Espanol…

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Spain has become one of the hottest solar markets in the world and expects to double their solar production by 2010 which will move them to number three world wide in solar production behind Germany and the United States.

Recently, the Spanish government passed a subsidy bill that encourages growth within the solar sector that will see them potentially producing 10,000 MW by 2020. The incentives are 25 percent larger than the incentives given out by world solar leader Germany and combined with the fact that Spain receives 20 percent more sunlight than Germany, the country could be on its way to becoming the world leader in solar production.

Adding Spain as a contender to the solar production world in this manner does two very good things for solar power. First, it makes sure that the rapidly growing Spanish solar market will continue to do so providing more sales opportunities for solar power equipment producers, and secondly, it puts pressure on Germany and the United States to continue their innovation and expansion in the solar field.

Imagine for a second where the world could be by 2020 if we were to find ourselves in the midst of a sustainability race similar to the arms race of the 1970’s and 1980’s? Many of our wildest dreams about turning our path towards a future that we want our children to live through could come true if we put the same level of resources into preserving the world as we have put into building the potential to destroy it.