Solar 4R Schools Grant Program

Schools throughout the Pacific Northwest have the opportunity to put a solar power system on their campus for educational purposes through the Solar 4R Schools program managed by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

The project issues grants to schools who wish to install 1.1 kW photovoltaic solar power systems for use in education and community outreach. Provided within the grants are the solar equipment, installation and education and curriculum for faculty at the school.

The solar system becomes the property of the school. They are required to submit annual reports, implement renewable energy curriculum in their 10th grade physics class and comply with other follow up procedures for five years as part of the program.

Grants are considered on a quarterly basis and the process begins with a letter of inquiry from the school to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

The Solar 4R Schools Projects are at these High Schools:
Redmond City High School
Port Townsend High School
Camas High School