SEIA Solar Action Alert – February 2, 2009

Take Action!

PLEASE TAKE ACTION – CALL your Representatives and Senators TODAY and urge them to quickly pass The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
By acting today you can help create close to 200,000 new jobs and install 3 gigawatts of solar over the next 2 years.
Within hours the Senate will begin debate on The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Make your voice heard on passage of the strongest solar provisions possible. Negotiations are happening now, call today.
This link is a side-by-side detailing the solar-friendly provisions that need to be included in The Recovery Act. These solar priorities are ranked with the first being the most important.
As part of your communications please email the side-by-side to every office you speak with. Given the number of favorable provisions and preferred outcomes, congressional members and staff will need the side-by-side to guide their negotiations.
To locate your Senator or Representatives’ Washington phone number, go here for the Senate or here for the House. Alternatively, you can reach your Representatives’ offices through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-225-3121. Email addresses can also be obtained at the above websites.
Again it is crucial that you email the side-by-side to staff.
Talking Points

  1. Create close to 200,000 jobs over the next 2 years by including strong solar provisions in the Recovery Act.
  2. The solar recommendations contained in the side-by-side will put Americans back to work, increase our energy independence and combat global warming.
  3. Passage of the Recovery Act will create sales, construction, manufacturing and engineering jobs in the solar industry within months.
  4. Support solar by enacting the recommendations in the attached side-by-side.
Please forward this post to your company colleagues, family, friends, and others who support solar.