Solar News: Smart Grids, Data Centers, and Utility Goes 100% Renewable

NOTE: This information is possibly outdated. Please reference our incentives page for current information.

It’s time to wrap up 2014. Many people think this is our slowest time of year. In fact, December is often one of the most stressful months for solar installers. Why? Because the Federal Income Tax Credit for solar energy installations dictates that a system be “placed in service” by December 31st in order to claim the 30% incentive on your 2014 tax return. So right now our crews are fighting cold weather, frosty roofs, and short daylight hours to meet the end of year deadline.


Our customer Brian Palmer and our CFO Dave Kozin get in some words about solar in Seattle courtesy of NBC News.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has licensed smart grid management technology to Calico which should improve reliability, reduce costs, and make it easier to integrate renewable energy.


In Wyoming, PNW local Microsoft has demonstrated that it is possible to have a 100 percent off-grid data center.

Germany’s largest utility is divesting itself of coal, natural gas, and nuclear electricity generation. E.On will focus on renewable energy generation instead.


Developers in New York City are looking to build an