More Efficiency, Less Energy Consumption, More Jobs?

Did you listen to NPR this morning?

Christopher Joyce has a great story about green energy and Obama’s new energy and stimulus plans. Check it out here!

Personally, I’m okay if any stimulus plan moves a little bit slower as long as it’s doing the right thing. Supporting infrastructure improvements and actually encouraging investment in clean energy (sans “Clean Coal”) is the right move.

If there is serious investment in technologies like solar, I guarantee that we will be hiring more people. We’ll hire skilled and unskilled labor, we’ll hire service professionals, we’ll help educate and train a future workforce through internships. And all the time we’ll be helping people to help themselves reduce their negative impact on our planet, increase the political voice of those wanting change, and stimulate local economy by keeping these dollars local.

So, let your representatives know that solar support isn’t just from the top. You want solar in Washington too!