Making Green with Solar

NOTE: This information is possibly outdated. Please reference our incentives page for current information.

Green is everywhere.

Green buildings, green grocers and green power. Use lots of electricity? Want to reduce those huge bills? We’ve got a strategy that will reduce your bills, and pay for itself. Let free sunshine power your operation. That’s real green power! Take a look at some of the incentives available:

  • A 30 percent Federal Tax Credit can be applied to reduce your annual tax liability. Need electrical work related to your solar installation? That gets included. Check it out. Residential Energy Credits use IRS Form 5695; Business Investment Credit IRS Form 3468. Seattle alone has almost 800 independent production sites so you’re not alone. Pretty cool, eh?
  • Not your thing? Washington State offers Production Incentives and Utility Offsets through cooperation with local utilities. Your local utility offers payment for production regardless of your consumption:
  • You are currently paying a little over $0.10/kWh and the production incentives range from $0.15/kWh all the way up to $0.54/kWh depending on the equipment you install. This production incentive is designed to help grow the local solar industry so it favors use of locally produced product. The high production revenue makes fast paybacks possible.
  • The utility offsets are often referred to as “net metering” which should make you smile. All the energy you produce back-feeds your electrical panel reducing your need for utility-supplied electricity. The result is lower bills and lower operating expenses.
  • Your Legislature is also helping. Really! Their procrastination with our State’s Operating Budget provided an opening to insert an extension of the Sales Tax Exemption we have enjoyed for years. Budget signed and we’re back in the tax free business again.

Don’t get confused by others claims.

We’re the only folks that solar production guarantee how much you will save. Let us take care of your electrical production while you focus on what you do best. We’re close; right in the middle of the SODO neighborhood. We’re free to sell whatever we want. We do our own design work and installation with our own folks. We’re exclusively solar- focused. Everything you need rolled up in one perfect package.