Jefferson County Solar Home Tour

Jefferson County Solar Home Tour Set for Saturday July 12th


You’ve been waiting for it and this year it is coming early, just in time for sunny Summer weather. This year’s Jefferson County solar home tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 12th at various locations throughout Jefferson County. The Solar Tour offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in solar power to learn about it first hand from folks who own their own solar PV and solar thermal systems. Solar powered and energy efficient homes in Port Townsend and Jefferson County will be part of the tour as well as educational presentations about solar energy and designing solar ready homes. The tour offers local residents an opportunity to find out how their neighbors are trimming their energy bills, increasing their energy independence and taking steps to address global warming.


Residents in Jefferson County have been quick to jump on the renewablClise Solar Home Tour Smalle energy bandwagon. To date there are 45 grid-tied solar electric (PV) systems installed in Jefferson County including 38 in the Port Townsend, 98368 zip code. The reasons for this local surge in solar power include excellent financial incentives adopted by Washington State as well as federal income tax credits available to homeowners and businesses. An additional factor is that local electrical contracting firms and solar consultants are located here in Jefferson County, ready to serve those interested in crafting their own solar destiny. And lastly and perhaps most importantly, we have great amounts of sunshine here in east Jefferson County as well as great residents who want to turn that sunshine into energy and dollars.


Tour Location: The kick-off tour location will be at 2343 Thomas Street (off Hastings Ave) in Port Townsend at the Power Trip Energy shop. Presentations on grid tied solar electric systems and solar thermal (hot water) systems will be offered. Maps of tour locations will also be available.

Tour Time: 10 a.m. – 4 pm.

For More Information Contact: Jeff Randall, 360-301-9019, email:, web site:

Tour Fee: This event is free.

How to Take the Tour: Participants will drive (or bike) to various tour locations on their own.