Introducing the Solar Installers of Washington (SIW)

Congrats to our CFO Dave for all of his hard work in helping to form SIW.  

I’m positive that all of the solar installers working together will bring great things to our state!

Below is the official announcement of the formation of SIW.

Announcing the formation of Solar Installers of Washington In what appears to be a first in the nation, solar energy system installers have formed a new statewide trade association, Solar Installers of Washington.

Climate change, ocean acidification, air and water pollution, and resource depletion are all daunting problems that require a team effort to solve. With this in mind, Solar Installers of Washington (SIW) makes its expertise and knowledge available to elected officials, stakeholders and policy-makers, so that Washington may grow its use of the most abundant energy resource – the sun!

SIW President Jeremy Smithson explains, “With the formation of Solar Installers of Washington, we are setting aside competitive impulses and working together to help shape the future of solar energy in this state.” To bring about wider adoption of solar energy, SIW plans to:

  • team up with local manufacturers and suppliers,
  • work closely with elected officials and policy-makers,
  • build strong relationships with utilities and environmental stakeholders,and
  • educate and represent customers.

In addition to delivering clean, renewable energy, SIW’s members create local jobs strengthening prosperous local economies across the state.

We look forward to working with you,

  • Solar Installers of Washington Board of Directors:
  • Jeremy Smithson, President (Puget Sound Solar)
  • Lori Christian, Vice President (Whidbey Sun and Wind)
  • Dave Kozin, Secretary (A&R Solar)
  • Alana Nelson, Treasurer (Fire Mountain Solar)
  • Dever Kuni, Policy Chair (South Sound Solar)
  • Howard Lamb, Membership Chair (Sunergy Systems)